Donate Now

We believe that everyone should have access to food, medication, companionship and services they need for a safe and healthy life.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times and we would like to reassure you that STAR Community Services will continue its work in the community and be here when you need us.

You may have seen in the ad in local paper about Sarah* who is on her own, has outlived her family and has no one to turn to. Sarah’s words, “I feel so alone”, are echoed in so many homes as we struggle to deal with what is happening.  While many elderly may be supported by their family, there are many more who have no one to turn to.

COVID-19 has highlighted the loneliness and anxiety of being isolated at home and while we need to go through this for a few months, there are many elderly who live their lives in isolation.  

STAR staff and volunteers are contacting vulnerable clients in the community, who are struggling with hardship, to ensure they are well and to ask what they need. This service includes access to food/medicine shopping, any essential help at their home and travel needs, such as to the Doctor or hospital. STAR has programs in place that are mostly subsidised, however, even with a subsidy some elderly people are struggling financially to get the services they need.  There are elderly people who do not access these services because they are already under financial pressure and cannot afford to pay, so they go without. 

Right now, all vulnerable people have been told to stay at home to protect their health.  However, they need the essentials now! STAR is bridging the ‘gap’ by safely delivering vital medication, food and services to those in need.   

If you have been thinking, “What can I do to help?” Well, this is it!

If you have capacity, please consider supporting someone like Sarah* by making a donation. You will be supporting the most vulnerable in our community.

$58.50 covers the cost of an elderly person having their food or medication delivered for 3 months. $20 will give support for a range of services for a person that is facing hardship and needs help now.  

Please feel free to share this information with your family or friends. 

If you would like to help in any way or you know someone who would benefit from a gift, please contact Catherine Williams, STAR’s Development Coordinator on 3821 6699 or email 

Your privacy is important to STAR Community Services.  Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

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