CODI Transport Prices

CODI Transport Price List as at 01/01/2017

 Current Fees: Subsidised by QCC or DCCSDS funding

Please note 

1) Prices are subject to change without notice. 

2) NDIS Pricing is as per private passenger. *You can decide what portion of your transport NDIS will subsidise and how much your cost will be to make the most of your NDIS funding.  Call 3821 6699 for more information.

Distance Travelled Your Cost
Transport within the Ipswich Area
<10 km $12 (return)
10-15 km $18 (return)
15-20 km $24 (return)
20-25 km $30 (return)
>25 km $36 (return)
Transport from Ipswich to the Brisbane Area
<30 km $36 (return)
30 – 50 km $42 (return)
>50 km $48 (return)
Private Passengers: not funded or subsidised
<10 km $15 each way
Per km over 10 km $1.50 per km