Transport Prices


The above prices are proposed to be effective from February 2020. Terms and conditions apply. Prices are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions, please ask our friendly team on 3821 6699.  

Up to 20 km


Between 20-30 km


Over 30 kms

$20 + $1.80 per km over 30 km

All Trips in excess of 50 kms

By negotiation only

Private Passenger Rates

$1.80 per km; minimum fare - $18 

Island Taxis: From Redlands to SMBI Ferry Terminal

$6 Each Way

Easy Shopper (Redlands Only)

$12 Return

Cost of Carers

50% of the Passenger Fare

STAR is in the process of introducing a new transport fee structure to make it consistent for our clients across all our service regions.

It was our intention to commence the new transport fee structure on September 1, 2019. The proposed fee structure was going to be based on the KLM travelled. However, during the testing phase we identified that the software program was calculating the quickest route and not the shortest route of the journey.  As a result, the distance calculated for the trip was longer and the fare much higher. We have been working with the software provider to fix the issues and test the changes within a few months.

I sincerely hope that this has not caused too much confusion. I also strongly suggest that please ask the contact centre for the cost of travel at the time of booking to avoid any surprises.”         

Patsy Wilshire, General Manager