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Volunteer Stories

Volunteering is a rewarding activity. Read some stories from our volunteers below.

I thoroughly enjoy volunteering it keeps my mind active and healthy.  I think that if you are working in a voluntary position you must consider what you are doing, its horses for courses, while I am happy working in an office environment and talking to clients, others may find that boring and may be more interested in offering their time at events and the like. I would have no hesitation on advising anyone who wishes to volunteer to ensure that they look around and find what they are interested in and rest will follow.


As a volunteer with Star Community Transport, I have found it very enjoyable, the training and support is excellent.  It is a happy working environment with a great team. 


Voluneering kicked started my career and I will always be grateful for the experience and the people I met along the way.


All the volunteers were very enthusiastic while manning our stand at Stocklands Cleveland.  We have only great things to say about the volunteers you sent us


Several months ago I started volunteering and what a wonderful time it has been, I have met so many lovely people and developed some great skills.


I enjoy working as a volunteer for the friendship. What a great bunch girls that I work with!


I really enjoy being a volunteer.  The team is friendly and the staff are very supportive. I have learned new skills which is great for keeping my mind active.


I enjoy working here in the call centre as part of a team and with great ladies. I get to talk to clients all day long and they really appreciate what I do.


I love my job.  I am respected for the knowledge I bring to the workplace and that's why I am more than happy to give my services on a voluntary basis 


I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to intern with Volunteering Redlands over the past 3 months. It has been an invaluable experience for me and I hope I was able to provide some value to you as well.

Working in Volunteering Redlands has helped me to use the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired throughout my university studies and apply them in a practical way. In addition to this I feel I have grown not only in a professional sense but also personally. Volunteering Redlands has been the first time I’ve volunteered for more than one day in Australia and it has really opened my eyes to just how important volunteers and not for profit organisations are and their major contribution to the community. I feel I have a greater understanding of human resources and am appreciative of the opportunity to undertake new experiences and participate in activities that I have not previously engaged in. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Volunteering Redlands and once again, thank you for this amazing opportunity and for all your help and support throughout my time with Volunteering Redlands. 


I want to express my happiness with the value we have already gained from our membership of Volunteering Redlands. Two organisations with which I am involved have sought and found volunteers through listing with Volunteering Redlands.  I believe we obtained volunteers that we may not have otherwise through our own resources.


If you wish to submit a story about your volunteering experience, please email info@volunteeringredlands.org.au