Make 2022 the year of giving back!

Did you know that in 2020- in the midst of a global pandemic- more than 75 per cent of Queensland’s adults dedicated their personal time and resources to volunteer for the welfare of the community!

Together- volunteers contributed nearly 900 million hours or 37,500,000 days, equating to a value of $84 billion- all in the middle of crisis situation that affected every single one of us!

Volunteers are clearly the modern day warriors, going out into the unknown to ensure that there is help on the ground for those who need a hand.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers do vital work in our community in countless ways. They deliver healthy meals, provide companionship to the lonely, organise fund raising events to support community organisations, sporting events and teams, help run offices, answer phones, drive the elderly and those with disabilities to medical and social appointments. They share their experience and knowledge as board members, organise community events, develop websites, help people to access social activities, provide support services in aged care homes, work in emergency services, rescue animals and wrap Christmas gifts. The list is simply endless!  

Why volunteer?

In addition to making a positive impact in the community, volunteering helps us meet like-minded people and make new friends. I know some people who met their significant other while volunteering!

Doing something for others, has a profound effect on our own emotional wellbeing too. For many, volunteering is all about getting out of the house and having connection and/or a meaningful role to keep them busy and their mind active.

Volunteering looks great on your resume too. I can personally recount two occasions where volunteering has helped me with jobs– first time was in Canberra – my employer said it made me stand out from the other candidates because it showed I had initiative and drive. In the second instance, the skills I developed and/or improved while volunteering meant I could satisfy the criteria for a career in the not for profit sector.

For people who are seeking employment, volunteering can give opportunities to build new skills and connections, paving the way for employment opportunities. Volunteering can also satisfy Work for the Dole or Mutual Obligation activities so those who are unemployed can safely maintain their social benefits, while seeking jobs.

Regardless of the motivation for volunteering, we would all be worse off without the true heroes of our communities- our volunteers!

Join in today!

In 2022 volunteers will continue to be a vital resource to our community. If you have been thinking about volunteering – go for it. Some roles will provide on the job training, other roles require skilled volunteers. Whether you already have skills to contribute, or want to volunteer to acquire new skills; whether you are retired, a student, a full time or part time worker- or simply looking to do something totally new and different – there is a volunteer opportunity for you.

Make 2022 the year you become a volunteer and join the many thousands of Queenslanders who are making our communities better!

Where can you find out more about volunteering opportunities in Redlands?

Check out Volunteering Redlands website and our current Volunteer Roles and register with us to be kept up to date on all things volunteering.    Contact our Volunteering Redlands team on 07 3086 0000 or email Follow us on Facebook.

Tracey Foley 
Volunteer Coordinator | 3821 6699

Volunteering Redlands 
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