25 Years of STAR: Dan Kennedy

“I would want someone to help me when I need it.” 

For Dan, a STAR volunteer- volunteering is a way of life.

As a young boy, Dan used to visit the returning soldiers at hospitals with his father who was a volunteer with St Vinnies. “I suppose it started then.” Said Dan about his lifelong love for volunteering. “Both my parents helped out with whatever they could.”

Before Dan retired, he was employed in the finance sector. In his spare time, he was an Angel Flight volunteer, transporting very ill children and their families to hospitals around Brisbane. “I still remember the smiles on the children’s faces. They were sick but still so joyful.”

A few years ago I noticed vehicles on the road with CODI written on them. One day I found myself at a local event and spoke to a person who worked at CODI. Next thing I know I was driving CODI vehicles myself. CODI has since become STAR.”

“I just enjoy people’s company. Love listening to their stories. Some people have very interesting stories.”

“One of our clients is 97. We enjoy telling each other outlandish stories. He wins every time!”

“Since turning 80 I had to stop driving for STAR. But I still help out when I can. I go to STAR lunch clubs and the senior’s day trips. I help people in and out of the bus- whatever they need. We all have a good yarn.”

“I will continue to help as long as I can. When I get to the stage when I need help, I would like someone to give me a hand.”