25 Years of STAR: Diana Kerton

I have the freedom to be a part of the community.

I've always been a person that helps others. When I got to the stage of needing assistance myself, I am glad I had STAR to call upon.

Having access to services like STAR transport, gives me the freedom to be a part of the community. STAR helps me get to all my appointments on time. I really like the fact that all the drivers are so pleasant. I have mobility issues. They help me in and out of vehicles. They are so patient.

STAR companion volunteer Gloria visits me once a fortnight too. We get along so well.

I am keen photographer. Gloria and I planning to go to Cleveland point next week so I can take some good photos. I am looking forward to it.

I am fortunate to have good neighbours and friends. But I don’t want them to be my carers. I want them to visit me as a friends. Having STAR helps me feel that I am not imposing on others. 

It is so important for me to have that independence. "