STAR Secures Growth Funding for Expansion of Aged Care Services

The communities of Redlands, Logan River Valley, Brisbane South and South Coast areas are set to benefit from the recent growth funding secured by STAR Community Services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

The Growth Funding has been allocated to STAR for the provision of Transport and Home Maintenance services in Brisbane South, Logan River Valley and South Coast areas, and provision of Domestic Assistance in Logan River Valley, to those aged 65 and over.

 STAR Community Services is a community organisation operating in Redlands with more than 20 years of experience in aged care services including transport, Home Care Packages, In-Home Care, Social Support services and other wellbeing services.

Transport is available in all four areas, Home Maintenance is available in Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast, and Domestic Assistance services are currently only available in select suburbs in Logan.

 “What makes us unique is that a vast majority of our team are volunteers,” said Mr Rob Spencer, Chairman of STAR. “We are truly a community organisation - run by the community; to serve the community.”

 The recent Aged Care Reforms have been designed to give Australians more choice, more control and easier access to a full range of aged care services.

 “It is a time of great change and opportunity,” added Mr Spencer. “ Our team has done an outstanding job of putting an action plan together and making sure we provide the best service and experience.”

STAR serves more than 6000 community members, with the ongoing support of over 120 STAR volunteers. STAR’s Transport volunteer drivers assist with around 70,000 trips each year to help seniors and those with disabilities; visit their family and friends, do their shopping, go to medical appointments, and overall enjoy an independent life.

 “Our strength lies in community-based networks. We are keen to build relationships with other local community organisations and local councils, and leverage from our common synergies,” said Ms Patsy Wilshire, General Manager of STAR.

STAR’s expansion will also result in the creation of new job roles in the allocated regions, mainly for Call Centre, Schedulers, Drivers and Administrators. “We will invest significant time and resources in training and developing skills to ensure that the local communities reap the benefits,” added Ms Wilshire.

“The changes brought about by the recent Aged Care Reforms are complex and multi-dimensional, but we are ready. The growth funding will allow us to increase our capacity, and enable us to fill existing gaps in home support services across the allocated regions,” Ms Wilshire added.

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If you are interested in volunteering with STAR please contact us on 3821 6699.