New kerbside ramp in Cleveland thanks to STAR Client

Redland City Bulletin, 23 may 2018

Access to the Cleveland CBD for wheelchair users has just got easier with the completion of a new kerb ramp in Middle Street.

The ramp is thanks to Val Hammond who said she felt that Cleveland town centre was lacking a convenient pick up and drop off point for wheelchair users like herself.

“I felt that we needed a new ramp to make it easy for wheelchair users visiting the town centre, to get in or out of maxi taxis or cars. I wrote letters to the council. Then I met with Cr Peter Mitchell and shared my idea of an additional kerb ramp,” Ms Hammond said.

The new ramp located outside the Cleveland library’s main entrance at Middle Street is now ready for use. 

“I thought this was the ideal location for wheelchairs users to be dropped off or picked up from. There is shelter in case of rain, the library has accessible toilets, there is a coffee shop just around the corner and travel path to the shops, banks and post office is convenient too.”

Cr Mitchell said he was thrilled to be able to facilitate this simple yet effective solution for improved accessibility. 

“Thanks to Val for taking the time to share her idea and follow it through and to the council for supporting the initiative,” Cr Mitchell said.

Val has been using STAR Community Services to go to her social and medical appointments since 2009.  General Manager Patsy Wilshire said she was also pleased about the new ramp.

“It’s an important milestone towards a more accessible and inclusive community. Congratulations to Val on her victory,” Ms Wilshire said.

Redland residents are invited to complete an online survey about improving the town centres and main streets as part of a council initiative. The survey is available at

“It’s simple ideas like this that can make a huge improvement to our community’s public spaces. I urge everyone to get involved and share their great ideas and suggestions,” Cr Mitchell said. 

For more information on government subsidised community transport for seniors and those with disabilities, contact STAR on 3821 6699 or