STAR Home Maintenance and Gardening service Fees Update

STAR’s Gardening service is a highly requested service. We are making some changes to ensure we can feasibly manage the increasing number of service requests. To be able to offer all existing clients with up to 12 hours of gardening assistance in the financial year, we are increasing the Client Contribution to $20 per hour for all gardening clients.

The following Client Contributions will apply for STAR Gardening Service from July 1 2021:

• Up to 1 hour of service = $20 contribution from you to the contractor 

• Up to  2hours of service = $40 contribution from you to the contractor STAR’s gardening assistance can be utilised for a range of services including lawn mowing and edge trimming, minor weeding, limited height hedging and shrub trimming, weed spraying (material are supplied by the client). 

Please note, this is a top up service for your existing garden maintenance not a replacement service. This service does not fully cover acreage properties but only support to create a safe area around your home. Green waste removal fees may apply. 

Call STAR on 3821 6699 to book your service. 

Please remember to let us know: 

• Your preferred contractor if applicable 

• The length of visit you require, i.e. 1hour, 2hours, 3hours etc. 

• The type of work you require, i.e. mowing and/or edging and/or weeding etc.

• Please be present at your home at the scheduled time of service. We are unable to deliver service if the client is not present.