STAR in News-Mowing lined up to help elderly and infirm in the Redlands

Redland City Bulletin Wednesday, October 18, 2017

VICTORIA Point pensioner Dorothy Smith who complained last month that she could not get subsidised mowing help has had her problems solved and plenty of offers of assistance.

STAR community services – with costs subsidised under the CommonWealth Home Support Program – has organised her mowing.

STAR general manager Patsy Wilshire said her organisation offered home and garden maintenance services for the elderly. 

“We believe that many seniors in Redlands are missing out on the home and garden maintenance services,” she said.

“They are not aware of the subsidy available to them and putting their health and safety at risk by either attempting to do it by themselves or simply putting it off.

“As the hot weather approaches, ‘unmowed’ lawns and unattended gardens can pose a huge fire risk as well.”

Ms Smith had campaigned to have Redland City Council subsidise mowing for pensioners who were not fit for the task.

She said it was one way council could more widely disperse funds saved from Donald Simpson Community Centre funding cutbacks.

Ms Wilshire said seniors could contact STAR to get backyards ready for the bush fire and storm season.

Lawn mowing, edge trimming and gutter cleaning were all part of the service which also was used by Birkdale’s Neil and Pam Fallon.

“Maintaining our garden was getting a bit difficult for us,” Ms Fallon said. “We rang My Aged Care and asked what kind of services are available to us.

“They kindly referred us to STAR. STAR home maintenance coordinator promptly organised for Chris to come and mow the lawns and just tidy up our garden for us.

“We’re so pleased with the service. We can now simply sit out and enjoy our outdoor area, without worrying about its maintenance.”

Other people to offer Ms Smith help included Carmel College student Zachary Clissold and Adam Reid who is setting up a mowing business but offered to do the Smith’s yard for free.

STAR home maintenance service is for those aged 65 and over.

“Our home maintenance service gives them a hand in ensuring their homes are safe, clean and ready for summer,” she said.

If you want more information call STAR on 07 3821-6699 or visit

Maintenance services include weed spraying, handyman work, including replacing fly screen mesh and tap washers, gutter cleaning, spring cleaning, washing pathways and outside windows, the installation, repair, and maintenance of smoke alarms and batteries and referral to contractors like electricians, plumbers and tree loppers.