STAR Origin Story: Social Activities

As STAR’s Transport business grew, many clients asked about other activities and ways to meet their friends throughout the community. There was a growing interest in social activities and domestic support.

When Warren was a driver, he transported a client home from the shops and as he helped with the groceries, a knock on the door heralded the arrival of the client’s lunch from Meals on Wheels. Warren says, “He was moved by the fact that the elderly client sat alone eating her lunch. An idea was born and on returning to the office, he was determined to find a way to bring people together for a healthy meal with friends.” This experience sparked the beginning of the first Lunch Club.

STAR’s Lunch Club and Fitness classes are by far our most popular services. And we provide transportation to all of STAR’s activities. Warren is now the STAR Logistics Manager. Even during the pandemic social distancing restrictions, Warren continued to offer a Mini Lunch club by taking 4 people out to lunch each day to provide a little relief to weeks of strict isolation.

To find out more about STAR's social activities please call 3821 6699.