STAR working with Southern Moreton Bay Island Champions

Siobhan Hessing Disaster Planning and Operation Redland City Council, Lennie Jackson SMBI Community Champion, Clare Barker SES Local Controller and Community Resilience Coordinator Redland City Council, Marie Dalton SMBI Community Champion, Hilton Travis SMBI Community Champion and Mairead Nothling STAR Community Services met to hand over the laptop and mobile phone donated by Redland Foundation. Equipment like this is a basic need during emergencies, so we extend sincere thanks to Redlands Foundation for their generosity.

STAR, Community Champions agreement to boost disaster support to vulnerable SMBI residents

by Redland City Bulletin, 26 May 2020

A partnership between Community Champions volunteers and STAR Community Services is set to benefit vulnerable Southern Moreton Bay Islands residents during disasters.

Community Champions is a program set up after bushfires on Russell and Macleay islands three years ago. The organisation supports community volunteers to get involved in disaster management and planning.

STAR general manager Patsy Wilshire said the agreement would help ensure the safety of their island clients. "Isolated, elderly people are already vulnerable, so during a disaster we call over 600 Bay Island clients to make sure they are safe, and have access to fresh food and water as well as vital medications," Patsy said.

"In any future disaster, if anyone on the SMBI needs immediate help, STAR will contact the Community Champions who will be able to visit the person's home to assess their needs. Equipment like this is a basic need during emergencies." Ms. Wilshire thanked the Redlands Foundation for providing a phone and laptop to support communications between STAR and the Community Champions.

Community Champions co-ordinator Marie Dalton said the group's main aim was to care for vulnerable people. "In emergencies, the Community Champions work together to make sure everyone on the islands is safe. Working with STAR will help us identify and reach more vulnerable people more quickly," Marie said.

Division 5 Cr Mark Edwards said the agreement reflected how Redlands organisations were working together to assist the community. "STAR has provided vulnerable members of our Redlands Coast community with safe, affordable and reliable services for many years. We know that the very best disaster management programs involve local people, and that's why our Community Champions have been so successful," Cr Edwards said.