STAR Spotlight: Doug Tearle

Doug Tearle, Volunteer Driver

During Doug’s time with STAR, he has seen STAR progress from only offering transport in Redlands to offering many more services in multiple regions. Doug started volunteering by driving STAR vehicles, then later he became an owner driver. Now, he usually drives for STAR two days a week.

The service STAR offers enables the older members of our community the ability to remain independent in their own home.  Meeting these community members and chatting with them during our trips, Doug finds very interesting.  Doug says, “So many clients have lived through difficult times but still share a smile and a joke with you.  Our clients appreciate the service STAR provides for them.”

Doug retired in 2005 after many years in the electricity generation industry, working in the operations area of several Queensland power stations. Doug and his wife, Deb  did the obligatory “Lap of Australia” in their caravan. From their front gate, they headed north, before turning west and then south. They returned home seven month later.  Doug says, “Australia is a big country. During our road trip, we experienced so many beautiful places Australia has to offer; we really did not scratch the surface of this wide brown land.”

Doug also enjoys taking the boat out fishing (sometimes catching) on a regular basis.  Doug and Deb still use the van, but not as much as they would like.  During the school holidays, Doug takes his two grandsons to visit a friend’s property near Cunnamulla.  Their daughter and her family live in England; they try to visit them often.