STAR Spotlight: Wayne Scott

Wayne Scott, Volunteer Driver

Wayne says, “I thoroughly enjoy my volunteer driving as it gives me great satisfaction in the knowledge that I am helping others to achieve their goals and meet their needs, in a safe environment, with someone they can trust.”

Wayne retired in July 2008. Over the next two years, he and his wife did quite a bit of travelling in their caravan. They renovated their home. Soon, Wayne realised that he couldn’t travel all of the time and he could only mow the lawns so many days a week.

Wayne’s sister-in-law was driving for STAR. Volunteering for STAR seemed to be a great way to fill in some time and keep him going, while giving something back to the community.

Wayne joined STAR on 9 April 2010, driving a couple of days a week. Wayne drove his own car, because STAR did not have the fleet of cars they have today. 

Over the next few years, Wayne progressively took on more days as more and more people started to utilise the service. Using STAR Transport service, takes away the stress and anxiety people have getting to and from their appointments. Wayne usually drives 5 days a week, doing the early morning runs.

Wayne says, “No two days are the same; there are always new people to meet and places to travel. I always ensure my clients are picked up and dropped off at the correct locations and times, whether they be for medical or social reasons.”