Support Across The Generations

Brisbane (22 November 2019). STAR is holding its first Christmas Appeal to help combat isolation in the Redlands community. Redlands College students jumped into action to start collecting gifts. “Christmas is a time of giving and we all thought it would be wonderful to be able to give to elderly people who are on their own. Everyone was very excited to be a part of supporting others in the community, especially at this time of year” said Redland College’s 2020 School Captain, Lilly Dawson.

Loneliness and social isolation top the list of main concerns for the wellbeing of seniors in Australia. Loneliness may cause serious health risks such as depression, high blood pressure, sleeping disorders, anxiety and in some cases even earlier mortality. Senior Australians are even more at risk of feeling lonely as loved ones depart and social connections disappear.

One of our clients, Mary*, lives in Victoria Point. When she lost the last member of her family, she not only suffered grief, she was totally alone and experienced bouts of depression. Small tasks became totally impossible and she didn’t want to go out. She became a recluse. During a stay in hospital, Mary* heard of STAR and we now support her with a carer. Mary now looks forward to going out to different places, lunch and shopping, and appreciates the emotional support. Sadly, this experience is not uncommon. Both Male and female seniors are highly vulnerable to loneliness.

“Christmas is a time that can highlight loneliness for vulnerable people. Young people proactively showing their support is a sign that this generation is on a good track. Thank you to Redlands College students for your actions” said Acting General Manager, Melissa Bannerman. “We would also like to thank the Redland City Bulletin who have supported this appeal from the beginning and helped to make it the huge success it is. We are looking forward to distributing all the gifts across the Redland mainland, North Stradbroke Island and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.”

There will be many elderly people who will receive a gift this Christmas because of the generosity of Redlands College, the Redland City Bulletin, Bartons Capalaba, Bendigo Bank at Victoria Point and Cleveland, Kim Richards MP, the Redlands Sporting Club, the Redland Libraries and the hundreds of anonymous gift donors.

STAR is still looking for more gifts that are suitable for someone over 65 or non-perishable food, so please keep them coming in. You can see all the drop-off point or make an online donation through our website at

STAR Community Services will work tirelessly to get as many gifts to as many people as possible to make this Christmas special for someone who is alone or is struggling.

*name changed for client privacy.

Names in photo: The students in the photo are L - R
Back Alexandra Finley, Ms Sarah Handreck, Hannah Padubry
Front: Kiara White, Lilly dawson