Towards an Age Friendly Queensland

Around the world, people are getting together and taking concrete actions to make their communities better places to grow old.

In June 2016, the Queensland Government launched the Queensland: an age-friendly community – Action plan which provides a clear way forward to direct the implementation and delivery of age-friendly communities in Queensland.      

According to the World Health Organisation, “an age-friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that makes it easy for older people to stay connected to people that are important to them.”

As a local community organisation, supporting our community’s elderly since 1996- STAR Community Services strongly supports an inclusive community for people of all ages and abilities.

STAR recently participated in the Age-friendly Community Workshop - Playing Your Part Redlands, organised by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and The Ageing Revolution.

We asked some of our community leaders “What does an Age Friendly Community mean to them?”

Cr Lance Hewlett
Deputy Mayor, Redland City Council 

“To me, as a Council representative, an Age Friendly Community means that we as an organisation have a commitment to create and adapt policies and provide or facilitate services that ensure our older residents have the opportunity to live life in an active, social and secure environment and to participate and engage in our community  at whatever level they feel comfortable with.”

Paul Barnes
Treasurer, Redlands District Committee On The Ageing Inc.

Age friendly does not mean friendly just for “Aged people” it is much bigger.

It means having a community come together to ensure that people of all age groups and abilities can enjoy their community they live in. Removing barriers that prevent its people having an active life and join in community activities and make the city a great place for themselves as well as others. 

The aim is that no person regardless of age, ability, race, culture or beliefs has a the right to an enjoyable life within the community and that the community respect each other.

The Redland's is in a good place to become the first Age Friendly City in Queensland as its residents already are actively involved in reducing barriers and joining in activities by either  personal enjoyment, employment or volunteering in community organisations. 

There are over 41 community networks in the Redlands covering seniors, disabilities, dementia, abuse, advocacy, Support groups, depression, social isolation, education, wildlife and others which the Redlands Council actively supports. Check out the Redland City Bulletin each week to see the large number of activities that are regularly on offer for free or low cost.

Tony Cotroneo
Manager, Bay Islands Community Services Inc

What does Age Friendly Community mean to you?” But In this case What does it mean to the Bay Islands.

It means having better access to get on and off the ferries.

It means having more shelter at the ferry terminals.

It means having a greater range of Government Services on the Islands.

It means having a wider range of medical support and practitioners, eg Optometrist.

It means not having First Responders to assist the Paramedics.

It means not having enough Home Assistance Support.

It means leaving the Island permanently due to the cost of living, for medical reasons.

It means being Isolated if the family lives on the mainland.


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