Volunteer Stories

Volunteering is a rewarding activity. Besides being good for your body and soul, you get to make new friends while being part of a not for profit organisation that helps the local community.

Read some stories from our volunteers below.

Evelyn: I volunteer a couple of days a week with a nice crew of ladies at Star Community Services. I enjoy talking with the transport clients who are appreciative of what we do for them.

Terry: In the last 18 months that I have been volunteering with Star Community Services, I have enjoyed meeting a lot of new people while doing many different duties. I find it relaxing, and stress-free, and recommend volunteering to anyone who likes helping others.

Margaret: I have been volunteering part time for nearly 3 years since I retired. The ladies I work with are superb and I enjoy talking with people on the phone. I like getting out of the house and feel I am giving back to the community.

David: Volunteering with Star Community Services is making me feel useful and like I am contributing to the community. It is enjoyable and is keeping my brain active.

Suzanne: I love the administration work I do as a part time volunteer with Star Community Services. I have been here for nearly a year and enjoy helping people on the phone and when they come into the office. My fellow workers are all friendly and are nice to work with.

Deb: I have been volunteering for 3 years as I like keeping myself busy and my mind active. I enjoy the interaction with other people and would recommend volunteering to other people.

Lana: As a volunteer at Star Community Services, I am enjoying being part of a wonderful group of like-minded people. I feel like my mind is active and healthy, and I find it really satisfying to feel that the work we do here, is assisting so many people in the community to enjoy better lives.

Ally: Volunteering makes me feel like I am giving something back to the community and takes me outside of myself. And best of all, volunteering at Star Community Services, I am working with an exceptionally caring group of people.

If you wish to submit a story about your volunteering experience, please email info@volunteeringredlands.org.au