Our Clients

We are proud to assist more than 6500 members of our community with affordable and convenient aged care, disability support and transport services. Here are some stories from our happy clients.

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    Sue de Garis , Ipswich

    Sitting down for a NDIS pre-planning meeting with Mel from STAR was a fabulous way for my daughter and I to really discuss and identify all the things we need to consider before we meet with an NDIS Planner. Mel’s NDIS knowledge, along with her knowledge of disability needs, ensured that we identified NDIS services that can help our daughter, along with some that we had not considered.

    I now have a better understanding of what we can achieve under NDIS and am better equipped for the NDIS planning meeting.

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    Robyn Hill

    Being in a wheel Chair I don’t get out a lot so being able to join in the fitness classes is very enjoyable. All the STAR people are lovable and very friendly. I look forward to having a chat with the group over a cup of tea. 

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    Neil Reed

    STAR Fitness group is a great social and physical activity. I enjoy coming every week, good for fitness and great company as well.

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    Robyn Bree, Victoria Point

    In 2016 my loved husband passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, I sought to occupy my mind. I discovered our Redland U3A was running a course in Legal Studies: just what I needed! I enrolled but found a stumbling block. I can no longer read normal print without electronic magnifiers or special magnified and talking computer programmes. When information is projected onto a screen or written on a white board, it’s indecipherable for me. STAR Community Care came to my aid. They found me a voluntary reader-writer who accompanies me to our Legal Studies. Now, I can keep up with my fellow members, participate in discussions and confidently find new friendships. My thanks must also acknowledge our UEA Legal Studies Facilitator for his assistance in helping to make information more accessible.

    Here I am today, sane, mentally and physically healthy, learning successfully through the University of the Third Age. All this is thanks to the staff and volunteers at STAR Community Servicers. 

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    Fay Finnerty, Ormiston

    My life has changed dramatically since joining Star Community Services.  I am a much happier person.  My days are now filled with fitness classes and outings.  I have met some very nice people who have made me feel welcome wherever I go.  The staff and volunteers are always so cheerful and accommodating.  Thanks Star.

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    John Hainsworth

    I have been privileged to be part of Star's companionship program. I live in a retirement village which has good community relationships. Even so, since the death of my wife two years ago, I feel that I have been too much on my own. Having regular visits from a Star representative, John Smallwood, has been a great help in this respect. We have had congenial conversations and I have enjoyed the sharing of experiences. We have also played games of dominoes which, I am sure, as well as being fun, also stimulate mental activity. STAR should certainly be commended for introducing the companionship program.

    Les Roberts, Birkdale

    When I was younger and had just retired I had some time on my hands. So I started to visit people in nursing homes and hospitals, who had no visitors. Not only was I being a friend to them but visiting them also helped me not feel lonely and friendless. I learnt a great lesson that no matter who you are or what you do in life we all need a friend . When I saw the ad for STAR Companionship Program, I rang STAR for more information. So since then even though I have a little doggy friend I still need a human friend STAR has provided me with a well suited friend. They can do the same for you while there are still vacancies to join. This is an invaluable service and I would recommend it to anyone.