Our Clients

As a community organisation, we genuinely care for our clients and always provide them with the highest standard of service and care. We are proud to assist nearly10000 members of our community with affordable and convenient aged care, disability support and transport services. Here are some stories from our clients.   

  • Heather
    Heather Coombes

    As a wheelchair-fast client with cerebral palsy I have used STAR services for four years since living in the Redlands. My primary use is with STAR Transport and I have found staff and volunteers to be friendly, courteous and reliable. The wheelchair accessible buses have taken me to a variety of venues.  Thank you STAR for supporting my sense of independence and empowerment.

  • Reg

    My wife and I are new to your organisation and would like to thank all for the excellent service. We have had serval trips here on the Gold Coast. It is probably unfair to single out one driver as all are polite and courteous. However, Your driver Pat, has transported me (Reg) on three occasions. Super service.

    Thank you to all. 

  • Dorothy

    I use STAR Community Services for transport and have had some Tech sessions on my tablet at your offices in Cleveland. All the people I've dealt with have been courteous and helpful.  I would be lost without Star to help me get about as I no longer drive and am a 10 minute walk from my two closest bus stops and in any case the buses dont always go where I want. So thank you all for the necessary help that you provide. Best wishes, Dorothy

  • diane k 2
    Diane Kerton

    Ive always been a person that helps others. When I got to the stage when I needed assistance, I am glad I had STAR to call upon. Having STAR helps me feel that I am not imposing on others.

    Having access to services like transport, gives me the freedom to be a part of the community. STAR helps me get to all my appointments on time. I really like the fact that all the drivers are so pleasant. I have mobility issues. They help me in and out of vehicles. They are so patient.

    STAR companion volunteer Gloria visits me once a fortnight too. We get along so well.

  • Joan Thompson
    Joan Thompson

    The STAR lunch club has helped me meet a wonderful group of people who have now become my close friends. We chat and laugh. We talk about everything from gardening to sports. If it is someone’s birthday we go out and celebrate. I’ve never missed my lunch club outing without good reason.

    Having STAR in our community means we can call upon them when we need them.

  • Valerie L workout
    Valerie Long

    Ringing STAR brought me my independence back. I could go out without relying on anyone.

    Everyone at STAR I have come in contact with has been lovely and very accommodating.

    I know that I will always be listened to. It feels good to be heard. 

  • Peter N
    Peter Neville

    Peter- an NDIS participant, started his journey with STAR when he was accessing the Beelarong community farm and used transport to attend appointments.  

    “STAR has given me the ability to see something that interests me and pursue that interest, rather than worrying about how I’m going to get there and who will take me.”

  • Lorraine King

    I've been very fortunate to have had the company of my husband for 46 years. When he passed way, I struggled with living on my own.

    I first joined STAR when I needed someone to drive me to my specialist appointments. It put my mind at ease to know I can ring STAR.

    Through all the services that STAR offers me, whether it is repairs around the house or help me with my technology, STAR has helped me to not only maintain my independence but also enjoy a good quality of life.

  • STAR Tech workshop 3
    Carol Vining

    From Carol, STAR Tech student:
    "Joining Star Tech has given me the confidence to learn about the Internet, knowing I can learn at my own pace, and help is only a phone call or email away. Thanking you and all Volunteers for their support and patience. I would have felt very isolated during the stay at home due to COVID-19."

    "These are a few things Carol has learned:
    - I have learnt how to bank online, set up a pay pal account, use Skype to stay connected to my Grandchildren and friends, buy online and eBay.
    - Borrow books from the library using borrow box, to read them on my tablet, I would be lost with the Library having to close, I have set up a My Gov account, downloaded the Govt. Coronavirus app from WhatsApp. I now know where to find things that I download, in My File App. Also to cut and paste a document from one email to send in another email.
    - Facebook is great to keep up to date with what is happening in the Redlands area, I have also joined groups that I am interested in what a wonderful tool when used correctly.
    - Pinterest is great, I can now download and print out patterns, and things to make for my 2 yr. old grandson.
    - There are so many other things news, you tube, podcast, puzzles, games even children's colouring in I find very relaxing."

  • Cheryle Leggett

    RE STAR TECH Course: I appreciated the opportunity to learn to use the tablet and also this course allowed me to learn at my own pace. Everybody was so helpful so I didn't feel intimidated to ask the most basic questions. I now understand more about technology and how it can be used. I always refer to my notes but as well I feel supported if I need to ask further questions. As a bonus my husband now will use the tablet so it has also improved his knowledge of technology. 

  • Helen

    Hi, I would like to thank STAR for Startech and Neha especially.  The Startech program especially during Covid has to  me been  exciting, educational,  and has helped me greatly with my confidence using a computer (for which my children are very happy).

    Out of 10 I give Startech a 10 and Neha and her helpers a 10 also, again I thank you.

  • 5
    Tamar Flannery

    I have multiple support workers from Star Community Service that assist me daily in every aspect of my life. From personal care and household management to social and community access. Since beginning with Star in 2018, I have become more independent and feel I have become more my own person. I feel that with the aid of my support workers I have been empowered to say what I want from my services and also speak up when I feel I am not being treated correctly as an individual.

    Drawing on my life experiences and skills I have learnt, MY GOAL is to be an advocate for others with disabilities, because far few people have the ability or confidence to speak up for themselves. Recently I advocated to a local department store to make their eftpos machines more accessible at the self-service checkout. I want my story to be heard to I want others to know they too can speak up and together we can make a difference.

  • STAR tech generic copy
    Patricia Diane

    STAR Tech Member: I have been a PC user for many years, and did not think that I ever needed a tablet. Wrong, since attending the workshop I have discovered a whole new world of radio, TV stations and a variety of podcasts available with just a touch on the screen. Avoid queues, crowds and parking difficulties by learning to bank & shop online. Neha helped me enable the ZOOM video conferencing app, and this has allowed our retirement village residents committee to successfully continue meetings. I encourage seniors to take advantage of this informative workshop. Neha is a great communicator and is readily available to troubleshoot any difficulties one might encounter during the learning process. Highly recommended. 

  • Yvonne Garner

    Yvonne Garner has just celebrated her 90th birthday. Yvonne relies on Sue Casben, her STAR companion, to help her see while they shop. Yvonne says “Sue is easy to talk with, thoughtful, and efficient.” Yvonne also enjoys STAR’s Lunch Club and discussion groups at Donald Simpson Centre. Yvonne believes “you must keep your mind and body active every day.” Yvonne loves lively discussions, daily swims and her local library. She uses STAR’s services to stay active.

  • 20190830 093304
    Robert McNabb

    My wife sat me down one day and told me she was worried about me being a little depressed.. I am not was my terse reply... So a few weeks go by and I was set up, ambushed, blindsided... Sitting at my table were 2 STAR employees and 2 support workers. I don't need a carer! My wife said, 'You do not need a Carer, how about a Buddy?'  'I do not need no damn ole Buddy,' even ruder and louder than the first time.

    The STAR people said to me 'This is Don, and this is Jeff. Both have building backgrounds and could help you do a few needed things around here.' That was in February 2019 and my Buddy has been here 2-3 days a week since, sometimes 4 hours a day, sometimes 6. The list of things we have accomplished together is astonishing... 

    We have done things here that I could not do myself, my wife could not help me with and with my Buddy's help, they got done. Sometimes, Jeff *With a J* and I do not do any work....we drink coffee, eat doughnuts and tell each other lies about our formative years... Just a Blind Guy and a Buddy...

  • ViginiaRidgley2019
    Virginia Ridgley

    STAR Has helped me to live my life how I want to. Due to a surgery I was unable to transport myself. Thanks to STAR I could continue my volunteer work. STAR drivers and call centre staff are so helpful. I am thankful for STAR.

  • STAR tech generic copy2
    Patricia Diane

    STAR Tech: I have been a PC user for many years, and did not think that I ever needed a tablet. Wrong, since attending the workshop I have discovered a whole new world of radio, TV stations and a variety of podcasts available with just a touch on the screen. Avoid queues, crowds and parking difficulties by learning to bank & shop online. Neha helped me enable the ZOOM video conferencing app, and this has allowed our retirement village residents committee to successfully continue meetings. I encourage seniors to take advantage of this informative workshop. Neha is a great communicator and is readily available to troubleshoot any difficulties one might encounter during the learning process. Highly recommended. 

  • Lisa Davison

    My daughter is an NDIS participant. I highly recommend Star as there staff and volunteers are so helpful and friendly. I rang Star to arrange transport for the afternoons and support workers for the mornings. I spoke to Chris and he was very helpful and arranged all of this very quickly for me. I often had difficulties with my daughter in the mornings but since a Star support worker has been coming out in the mornings, things have been running smoothly and my daughter is so much happier. I am very happy with Star.

  • Tracey Thompson

    My thanks to the Redlands team and a Merry Christmas to all your volunteer drivers. My mum, Valma Thompson uses your service regularly and it has been a lifesaver for her and regaining her independence after a long stint in the hospital. Our family is very much appreciative of the wonderful work your service does and the care your drivers take.

  • Barbara Clifford, Manly

    Until I was allowed to drive regularly to and from dialysis at Redland Hospital, I depended on STAR to get me there. The volunteers who drive are all interesting and very special people. The trips were a joy. My husband and I are happy to know we can call on you when necessary. Thank you STAR.

  • Kirsty for web 2
    Kirsty Bishop

    When my plan was up for review, I wasn’t really sure how and where to get started. Melissa from STAR came over and helped me chalk out a plan. I now have a new NDIS plan in place for the next year.
    My NDIS plan is supporting me in enjoying different experiences. I go out on social outings with my support worker. We go out for Tenpin bowling, comedy club. Recently I went to the Comic-Con- it was amazing. Just last Sunday I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in Brisbane. My STAR support worker encouraged me to drive half the way. It helps in boosting my confidence. I drive but tend to stay locally. But now I am learning more about how to drive to different areas. I am looking forward to exploring new areas.

  • Doris McCulloch

    I couldn't be happier with my STAR companion. We go shopping and sometimes just for a coffee and chat. I always have a smile on my face when I get back from my outing with my STAR companion.

    Last week we went to have a coffee with some of my friends whom I hadn't seen in a while. We all had such a lovely time.I am grateful for STAR to offer me such a great service. It keeps me from being lonely.

  • Neil and Pam Fallon 102017 focus
    Neil and Pam Fallon, Ormiston

    Maintaining our garden was getting a bit difficult for us. We rang My Aged Care and asked what kind of services are available to us. They kindly referred us to STAR. STAR Home Maintenance Coordinator promptly organised for Chris to come and mow the lawns and just tidy up our garden for us.  We’re so pleased with the service. We can now simply sit out and enjoy our outdoor area, without worrying about its maintenance.

  • IMAG0006
    Robyn Bree, Victoria Point

    In 2016 my loved husband passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, I sought to occupy my mind. I discovered our Redland U3A was running a course in Legal Studies: just what I needed! I enrolled but found a stumbling block. I can no longer read normal print without electronic magnifiers or special magnified and talking computer programmes. When information is projected onto a screen or written on a white board, it’s indecipherable for me. STAR Community Care came to my aid. They found me a voluntary reader-writer who accompanies me to our Legal Studies. Now, I can keep up with my fellow members, participate in discussions and confidently find new friendships. My thanks must also acknowledge our UEA Legal Studies Facilitator for his assistance in helping to make information more accessible.

    Here I am today, sane, mentally and physically healthy, learning successfully through the University of the Third Age. All this is thanks to the staff and volunteers at STAR Community Servicers. 

  • Fay closeup2
    Fay Finnerty, Ormiston

    My life has changed dramatically since joining Star Community Services.  I am a much happier person.  My days are now filled with fitness classes and outings.  I have met some very nice people who have made me feel welcome wherever I go.  The staff and volunteers are always so cheerful and accommodating.  Thanks Star.

  • Patricia Ince, Ashmore

    I had some gardening work done today through STAR. Jamie trimmed the trees,  cleaned areas - what a wonderful job! I rate STAR 10 out 10. 

  • 20150719 171537
    Sue de Garis , Ipswich

    Sitting down for a NDIS pre-planning meeting with Mel from STAR was a fabulous way for my daughter and I to really discuss and identify all the things we need to consider before we meet with an NDIS Planner. Mel’s NDIS knowledge, along with her knowledge of disability needs, ensured that we identified NDIS services that can help our daughter, along with some that we had not considered.

    I now have a better understanding of what we can achieve under NDIS and am better equipped for the NDIS planning meeting.

  • Singh low res for web
    Jaswant and Shelley Singh

    We were not sure how to get started. Colleen from STAR came to have a chat with us. She put our needs first. She explained everything in detail. 

    She immediately recognised Shelley's need for social activities and presented some great options for us to explore.  We are very pleased with STAR.

  • Wilma g profile 2
    Wilma Glover

    I am so pleased that we have an organisation like STAR in our community. My daughter is relieved and happy too that I am being looked after so well. I simply couldn’t manage without STAR.

  • Teresa Davies

    My son is an NDIS participant and STAR organises transport for him 3 days a week- to and from his occupational and speech therapy. STAR team is very friendly. I find that no problem is too big for them to solve. They are good listeners and always find a solution. Even when I ring them to change the pickup or drop off time for Julian- they accommodate the changes easily and quickly.

    I feel that my son is getting a very good service with STAR.