Our People

We are extremely proud to have a team of highly skilled staff and committed volunteers. Our team shares a common interest of making a meaningful, positive impact on our communities.

  • Patsy Wilshire, CEO

    Patsy’s roots are embedded in the community with 6 living generations in the Redlands.  She commenced with STAR in 2013 and in 2021 she has taken on the role of CEO.  Patsy has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), she has industry knowledge and she ensures the organisation is fulfilling it’s obligations of valued services to vulnerable people while in line with the four goals of people, services, safety and environment.  For Patsy, the vision of STAR is kept at the forefront of planning while the mission of STAR is a constant reminder of what STAR is all about.  As the CEO, Patsy is responsible for upholding corporate governance, controlling risk, promoting culture and integrity and leading a sustainable performance for the long term.

    Vision: To be known in the communities that we service for dependable client focused services that are flexible, diverse, sustainable, and innovative.

    Mission: Delivering services that value people's unique skills, experiences and contributions, breaking down barriers to social and community inclusion.

  • Melissa Bannerman, Chief Operations Officer
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    Melissa has a passion for her work in the Human Services sector of 30 years including disability, mental health, aged care and community services sectors, with a special interest in creating opportunities for genuine inclusion and human connection.

    Melissa started her career as a residential care worker and her roots are firmly based in the philosophy of Social Role Valorisation that promotes that all people have valued social roles and challenges the negative labels society applies to marginalised and vulnerable groups in our community. Melissa has over 20 years’ experience in managing high quality, client focused services in both government and non-government organisations and over the past 5 years, Melissa has overseen the expansion of STAR Direct Support Services as well as graduating university with a double degree in Counselling and Coaching. Melissa has recently been appointed to the new role of Chief Operations Officer for STAR and is proud to be working with a very diverse, client focused and passionate team. 

  • Nectaria Lekatis, Business Services Manager

    Nectaria has more than 17 years of experience in Aged Care, with qualifications in Business and HR. As STAR Business Services Manager, Nectaria plays a central leadership role in managing and developing STAR's business and operational support capability and functions. Nectaria's responsibilities include IT, Communications, Administrative support, Human Resource Management & Quality Assurance; ensuring excellent standards of operational and business support delivery to the organisation. Working in partnership with all staff members, Nectaria ensures office functionality, recruitment and training to provide strong accountable leadership and clearly articulate STAR’s values and standards. She is also the chairperson of Volunteering Redlands, STAR's volunteering arm, that acts as a hub for all volunteering activities in Redlands.

  • Bettina Brookes, Quality Assurance Manager

    Bettina Brookes joined STAR in Aug 2023. She brings a diverse background of experience across health, community and aged care settings in quality, compliance, education, and change management. Bettina leads STAR’s quality and compliance program.

    “I like to be part of a team that seeks to make a positive difference in people’s lives. None of us are islands, it takes a team to succeed. There is so much need in our communities for care and services that enable people to live more independently and for longer at home.” If you have any feedback, comments or complaints about STAR services, please contact Bettina on 3821 6699 or email BBrookes@starct.org.au 

  • Odette Luke, Community Transport Manager
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    Odette brings with her over a decade of experience in the Community Transport area. “ I have worked within the Brisbane and greater Queensland area for many years. I thrive on the thought that transport availability can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Being able to get from A to B – whether it is for a medical reason or social- is one of the basic services one needs to live independently. ”  

    “I am inspired by STAR’s mission to break down barriers and enable social and community inclusion. Our volunteers are truly keeping the wheels of our community moving. ”  

    In her free time, Odette likes to spend time with her 12 grandchildren. “ Most of them live in New Zealand but visit often. I look forward to our big family gatherings.” 

  • Tracy Darroch, ICT Manager
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    Tracy oversees STAR’s internal IT systems and procedures along with the Contact Centre Team of volunteers –who are the first point of call for all client enquiries.

    "The dedication that our team of volunteers demonstrate is inspiring.  They face new  and challenging calls each day, always with an aim to help the person calling."