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Privacy Statement

This site collects and analyses information from users. We record your visit and log information for statistical purposes including your IP address, the date and time of the visit, pages accessed and documents downloaded. This information may be analysed to determine our sites usage statistics and help us improve our services.

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Complaints Commissioner

Complaints regarding STAR’s handling of Privacy and confidentiality matters, where required, will be referred to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. (1300 363 992.)

Complaints Procedure

  1. Clients are encouraged to raise their complaint with the team member or client concerned in the first instance if they feel comfortable about doing this.
  2. If the client is not satisfied with the outcome of step one or is not happy to discuss the issue with the team member concerned, they can contact the General Manager, or use an advocate to negotiate on their behalf.
  3. If the issue is still not satisfactorily resolved, the client can raise the issue with a member of the Board or a nominated outside intermediary.
  4. If after approaching the above people, the issue is still not resolved, the client can refer the complaint to an external body where necessary.  The name and contact details of the relevant Government Department or Agency should be given to the complainant.
  5. The client should be informed of the outcome of their complaint and asked for their feedback on the complaints procedure. STAR, in normal client complaints, will have a written response to the client within 5 working days.

Advocacy Services

Clients may seek assistance from the below-listed advocacy groups and organisations.

Copyright Statement

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